APAD week 30

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w 30


And in case you are feeling a bit stuck, here’s a bit more about the prompts:
Monday 20: Car
Yep, car! A moving life-size car, or a toy. Take a photo of a car and share it.


Tuesday 21: Real
Something that actually exists. Take a photo of REAL.


Wednesday 22: Fake
Not real. An imitation. Show something fake in a photo.


Thursday 23: Toy
A toy! Yes. Something you play with. Take a photo of a toy.


Friday 24: Bloom
Take a photo of the most beautiful flower you can find. Have fun hunting for flowers.


Saturday 25: Two of us
You and who? Take a photo of you and someone else.


Sunday 26: Negative space
This is our photography prompt for the month. Pop back and check out the lesson on how to achieve this technique.


Have a great week. x



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