APAD week 24

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Want some help with ideas for your photos?
Monday 8th – Sadness:
Show sadness in a photo. It could be things that make you feel sad, what a sad face looks like or something more creative.


Tuesday 9th – Disgust:
Show disgust in a photo. What makes you disgusted? Brussel sprouts? Not getting enough sleep? Rude people. Have a little fun with it.


Wednesday 10th – Anger:
Show anger in a photo. If you were to be creative and show what anger looks like, what would it look like? Fire? Stomping up and down. Get creative!


Thursday 11th – Fear:
Show fear in a photo. What scares you? Spiders? The dark. Take a photo and share it.


Friday 12th – Joy:
Show JOY in a photo. What makes you happy? Share it!


Saturday 13th – On my mind:
What’s in your head today? Take it out and put it into a photo. Well, don’t perform brain surgery, but show us what you’re thinking about!


Sunday 14th – Makes me feel good:
What makes you feel really good? Take a photo and share it.


Thanks for playing along.



Über Follygirl

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