APAD week 22

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A little more about the prompts:
Monday 25: Lucky Do you have a lucky charm? Or maybe you could take a photo of something that makes you feel lucky? Share your lucky photo.


Tuesday 26: Daily ritual What do you do every day? Share a photo of one of your daily rituals.


Wednesday 27: Borrowed Have you ever borrowed something and never given it back? Or loaned something to someone? Share a photo of something borrowed.


Thursday 28: Pink Find something that is coloured pink and take a photo. Share it!


Friday 29: Starts with S Find something that starts with the letter S and share it.


Saturday 30: Over there What’s that over yonder? Take a photo of whatever you can see over there.


Sunday 31: Ha ha ha Take a photo of something that makes you laugh! I look forward to seeing your photos. Where do you like to play along? Instagram? Facebook? Somewhere else?




Über Follygirl

Viele...BUNTE ... Blogs... Fotografie, Schreiben, Privates, Kochen... Natur & Tiere Freue mich auf Eure Besuche! Looking forward to your visits!
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