APAD February – week six

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2. Mail
Yes, the stuff you get in your mailbox. Maybe it’s a nice time to write someone a letter and be a little creative with it. Or take a photo of something you received.
3. Water
In your cup, out of the tap, at the beach, in the river or lake, in a bottle… any which way you like!
4. Reward
A reward is an item you get in recognition for work you’ve done or something you’ve achieved. What’s a reward you’ve received or given?
5. Something blue
Look around you for something blue. Anything! Shoot it and share it.
6. Makes me smile
What makes you happy? Or who makes you happy? Find it and share a photo.
7. Stripes
Where can you see stripes? Think beyond a fabric pattern or print {but that’s totally fine as well!} and see if you can see it in buildings, in fencing, in the powerlines… see what you can find.
8. In my bag
Show off what you’ve got in your bag today. I’m slightly scared to look in mine!
Have fun! x



2 Mail


3 Water


4 Reward


5 Something blue


6 Makes me smile


7 Stripes


8 In my bag



Über Follygirl

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