A Photo A Day im July & Rückschau




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The prompts really are up to your own interpretation. Don’t feel like you have to follow any rules. Do as you please. Some people like to know what I’m thinking when I create the prompt, so below is just a suggestion:
1. red + white
It’s Canada Day so share a photo of something red and white.
2. something beginning with k 
Find something beginning with the letter K and share a photo of it.
3. match
Find a match, be it the fire kind or something that matches.
4. stars
Share a photo of stars {a nod to America’s Independence Day}
5. on the table
What’s on the table? Share a photo. Get creative; shoot from above or down below. Have fun with it.
6. view
What can you see from where you are? Share it.
7. first
Are you the first to wake up? The first in line? What can you see that is the first of something. Anything.
8. i’ve never…
What have you never done? Share it in a photo.
9. alive
Share a photo of something that is alive. Or something that makes you feel alive.
10. sharp
Be careful! But also take a photo of something sharp. It doesn’t have to be a knife. It could be the corner of a building perhaps.
11. gold
Find something gold and share a photo of it.
12. interior
Share a photo of the interior of something – could be your home, a car or something smaller.
13. look up
Look up. What do you see? Take a photo.
14. old school
Think retro, old school. Find something.
15. torn
Are you feeling torn? Do you own something torn? Do you wanna just tear something up for the fun of it?
16. listening to…
What can you hear? Share a photo.
17. sunshine
Head outside and capture yourself some sunshine.
18. admire
What or who do you admire? Share a photo.
19. curly
Hair, pasta, ribbon… what can you find that’s curly?
20. moment
Steal a moment today, and take a photo of it. {Like a coffee break, or a special moment between two people…}
21. basic
Get back to basics and take a photo. It could be a simplistic photo, or a basic subject matter.
22. i wore this!
Take a photo of something you wore today, or perhaps a day in the past.
23. macro
This is a fun photographic technique. Head over to my blog to find out how to capture it.
24. water
It’s as easy at it sounds. Find a way to be creative with capturing water today.
25. home
Share a photo of home. It could be your home, or something that represents home.
26. fun
How can you share a photo of fun? Is it lots of bright colours? Kids laughing? People dancing? Share it.
27. ten
It could be a $10 note/bill. Or ten items. Or the number 10. Up to you, my friend.
28. cool
What will you share today? Something cool {as in ‘rad’} or something chilly?
29. repeat
Repeat is something that happens more than once, like something in part of a pattern. Share it.
30. lost
Are you missing something? Or have you found something that is lost? Share it.
31. rise
You could share a sunrise, or something rising {sounds like a good reason to bake bread to me!}.

und das war mein Juni:




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