A Photo A Day May & Rückschau

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The prompts really are up to your own interpretation. Don’t feel like you have to follow any rules. Do as you please. Some people like to know what I’m thinking when I create the prompt, so below is just a suggestion:

1. Begins with J: Share a photo of something starting with the letter J
2. Snack: Healthy or sneaky, share a picture of a snack today
3. Collection: Do you collect something? Show us? Or find a collection of something.
4. Us: Who is ‘us’? You and a friend? A child? Your partner? Workmate. Show us US.
5. 4pm: Whatever you’re doing at 4pm, snap a photo and show us.
6. From down low: Get down low and take a photo.
7. Taken from above: The opposite of yesterday. Take a photo looking down.
8. Blue: Find something blue and shoot it {with your camera silly!}
9. Favourite: It could be anything; clothing, person, food, book, song. Share it.
10. In the garden: Go outside and share a photo of in the garden. Don’t have one? Find one.
11. Mother: Happy Mother’s Day to mamas all over the world. Share a photo of a mother.
12. Ready: Share a photo of something that is ready, like a piece of fruit ready to be picked, a baby ready for a nap. You get the picture?
13. I spy: What can you see? Show us something that you spied today.
14. Lines: It could be lines, as in drawn or painted or on a person’s face, or a line or people. Or something else.
15. From where I walk: Where did you go today? Show us.
16. Create: Find something that’s been created or being created, by you or someone else.
17. Bag: A handbag, a school bag, a brown paper bag. Any bag will do!
18. Something I drew: Get creative! Share something you drew. {By the way, we don’t care if it’s not a masterpiece!}
19. Alone: Interpret this however you please. It could be a subject all alone, or it could show how you feel when you’re alone.
20. Waiting: How can you show waiting in a photo? Is it you in a waiting room? Waiting for the mail man?
21. Card: Find a card today and share it in a photo.
22. Free: Multiple meanings, you could show free as in something that costs nothing, or free as a feeling {i.e. I’m free as a bird}.
23. Black + white: Use a black and white filter on your photo, or take a photo of something black and white {like that zebra you’re hiding in your backyard}
24. Sunrise: Yes, I’m suggesting you get up early and see the sun rising. You only live once.
25. Neighbourhood: Share a photo of something in your neighbourhood. It could be a picture of your town, or something more discreet.
26. Pet: Share a photo of your pet. If you don’t have one… find someone elses or adopt a pet rock perhaps?
27. Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Which meal will you share with us today?
28. Unique: Unique means something unlike anything else. What can you see today that’s unique?
29. Negative space: This is a photographic technique. Read this post on how to achieve it.
30. Side view: Take a photo of something from the side.
31. Sunset: End the month with a beautiful sunset.

Have an amazing month! Go on. x


RÜCKSCHAU … das war der April:

april 14



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  1. buchstabenmeer schreibt:

    Es würde mir auch Spaß machen, bekomme es leider zeitlich nicht hin… *seufz*

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