A Photo A Day February

Es geht weiter, die neuen Begriffe sind da:

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The prompts really are up to your own interpretation. Don’t feel like you have to follow any rules. Do as you please. Some people like to know what I’m thinking when I create the prompt, so below is just a suggestion:

1. YOU: 2014 is the year of the selfie, so take one. Or get creative and share a photo of part of you, your shadow, a reflection in a shop window, a photo of a photo…
2. FAVOURITE: Take a photo of anything that you consider to be your favourite {i.e. person, toy, book, food…}
3. SOMETHING ORANGE: Find something orange and take a photo of it.
4. CHILDHOOD: What do you remember about childhood? Was it eating ice creams at the beach? A particular toy? Laughter? Play? Swings? Books? Take a photo and share it.
5: SQUARE: As you go about your day look for squares, take a photo!
6: C IS FOR…: Find something that starts with the letter C.
7: UTENSIL: Go through that messy utensil drawer and share one tool.
8: WATER: It could be a lake, a beach, the bath,or water in a glass. Share your water.
9: DETAILS: Today you could find something with a lot of details in it, an intricate painting, eyelashes on a baby… find something and share the detail.
10: I AM…: What are you? Who are you? Share it.
11. MISTAKE: It could be something you wrote, a glass you broke accidentally or another mistake.
12. OUT + ABOUT: Take a photo as you get out and about today.
13. PERFECT: Can you photograph perfection?
14. HEART: Happy Valentine’s Day. Take a photo of a heart.
15. MY DRINK OF CHOICE: What do you love to drink? A hot coffee in the morning, a wine at night? Share it.
16. CREATE: Do you like to make things? Or perhaps you could take a photo of something else being made? Or something already made.
17. VEGETABLE: Eat your greens! And share a photo.
18. MAGIC: This is a hard one, so put on your thinking cap. How can you share magic? Is it something real {like the morning light feels a big magic} or a bit of a trick.
19. FEET: Personally I think feet are ugly but people begged me to use it as a prompt. Go crazy! I won’t look.
20. PEACE: Take a photo of peace! You could create the peace sign with your hands, or share a place where you feel at peace.
21. FUNNY: What’s funny? Find something and share it.
22. AN ACT OF KINDNESS: Do something nice and take a photo of it.
23. THIS IS WHERE I RELAX: Where do you like to relax? Share a photo.
24. HALF: Take a photo of half of something.
25. CUT: You could cut the stem off a rose and share a photo, or cut something else and share it. Or perhaps this is the day you decide to get a snazzy new hair cut.
26. LIGHT: This is the photographic prompt. I’ll create a lesson and share it with you soon.
27: MY VIEW TODAY: Take a photo of what you can see today.
28. REFLECTION: Take a photo of a reflection.


Ich bin wieder dabei!  🙂

Über Follygirl

Viele...BUNTE ... Blogs... Fotografie, Schreiben, Privates, Kochen... Natur & Tiere Freue mich auf Eure Besuche! Looking forward to your visits!
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2 Antworten zu A Photo A Day February

  1. zalp schreibt:

    Dann auch diesmal wieder viel Spaß und gute Einfälle!
    Viele Grüße,

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